We work with corporate finance advisors, private equity investors and management teams to enable individuals and organisations to make successful transitions.

Professional Advisors and M&A Stakeholders

We act as trusted advisors to the trusted advisors

Providing evidence-based intelligence about culture, leadership and people practices, our unique research design delivers unmediated trust about culture, operational effectiveness and people practices. We then work with clients to develop strategies for cultural alignment and value creation.
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Transition Tradition conducted in-depth fieldwork, identifying and evidencing key people and process issues. They sensitively communicated the findings, proposing numerous ‘quick and easy wins’ to improve staff morale and engagement, as well as areas for strategic focus. Their work fed into the creation of a new H.R. strategy for the business. I would recommend Transition Tradition to management teams and investors who are seeking an insight into ‘the way things (really) are’ within their business and culture.


Beyond the Survey - People Insights

We specialise in quickly and accurately delivering a detailed ‘snapshot’ of the way things actually are, through the voices of people within an organisation (and not just those at the top).

Our independent research offers alternative perspectives on people practices, operational effectiveness and culture, constructively challenging management team or external stakeholder perspectives (e.g. private equity firms, corporate finance advisers or other debt and equity providers).

Whether pre-acquisition, post-acquisition or during periodic reviews of a business, ‘human factors’ are often reduced to dry data or received wisdom.

Contact us for the alternative - engaging, evidence-based intelligence emerging from rigorous, field-based research.

Cultural Insights Analysis

Using the intelligence gathered during the ‘People Insights’ work, we can produce analyses identifying key cultural characteristics, which can be harnessed to achieve strategic goals and aid value creation.

Our reports are intellectually rigorous but readable, focusing on clearly presenting evidence-based insights into organisational culture.

We have particular expertise in foregrounding cultural issues, which can impact on strategic alignment.

Contact us to develop organisational culture and deliver impact.

People and Organisational Development Strategies

Informed by the intelligence gathered during the ‘People Insights’ work and the subsequent ‘Cultural Insights Analysis’, we support clients to create meaningful and emergent people and organisational development strategies.

This approach ensures that strategies speak for and with those in the organisation, not just the management team. It promotes engagement through participation and allows for the incorporation of what works in practice into strategy.

Contact us to add organisational value through emergent strategies.

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