The benefits of co-working

We moved to our co-working space last year, and it’s been a fantastic experience. We rent a space in The Generator, a co-working hub on Exeter quayside. Co-working allows us to be in an environment surrounded by like-minded people. In fact, it’s an office environment without the office politics!

Being part of a co-working community allows us to collaborate and network with many people. People we probably wouldn’t normally meet. We are surrounded by a useful pool of various experts. So whether it’s an illustrator, architect, web developer, app developer or accountant; they can all be found close at hand.

What’s more, our shared environment means that it’s really easy to collaborate. As a result, we very often end up being part of a project together!

The Generator

The Generator was Exeter’s first co-working community. It’s also the biggest and (dare we say it), the best! There are two Generator offices in Exeter; one at the Quay and one near Southernhay. They provide workspace, meeting rooms, social space, events and networking opportunities for like-minded professionals. The friendly team at The Generator aim to provide a productive, social environment. One that helps people to reach their business goals. And we think they do a great job of it.

Transition Tradition at The Generator

Inevitably, the Transition Tradition team spend a great deal of time immersed in the organisations we are working with. So it has been brilliant to have our own community to nestle back into between those periods. There is a real joy in being based on the glorious Exeter quayside. The building itself is architecturally interesting and has great facilities. Plus it’s a great area for a restorative walk when you need inspiration or a change of scenery. We totally love the fact that it’s a dog-friendly office too! Clients who visit us here always enjoy the experience of a completely different workspace. One that’s fun, friendly, productive and vibrant. In fact, we highly recommend it!

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