Creative Careering offers innovative approaches to post-graduation planning

Sam Delbaere, owner of Transition Tradition Limited, has written a highly-acclaimed case study entitled “Creative Careering”. In it, she provides a “creative toolkit” of simple ways in which academic staff can help prepare English and Creative Writing students for their careers after graduation. In particular, she highlights the benefits for such students of viewing themselves as part of the “creative industries”. 

The paper was first presented at a Subject Centre conference entitled “Beyond the Placement: Creative Writing and Employability” at Bath Spa University.

Sam’s case study includes anatomised quotations from students across all three years of undergraduate study. It also contains useful links to relevant resources and organisations.

“Creative Careering” highlights ways in which students of English and Creative Writing can prepare for the particular challenges of the transition period after graduation. It considers the industries available to such graduates and addresses the different working structures that may be required.

In “Creative Careering”, Sam argues that until students self-associate with the term “creativity”, they can recognise neither its potential importance to them nor its value to others.

Transition Tradition works with individuals, businesses and organisations across the creative industries. 

Read the full “Creative Careering” case study


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