Building Better Business: Transition Tradition at the Meaning Conference

This year the Transition Tradition team took our annual trip to attend the Meaning Conference in Brighton. This event has become an enjoyable and stimulating fixture in our calendar; we relish the opportunity to spend time together exploring ideas, having new experiences and challenging our preconceptions about how good business can be!

The Meaning Conference connects and inspires people who believe in better business. Every year its eclectic line up of speakers and sessions help attendees explore what it means to live, work and organise with integrity and purpose.

At this point it is important to emphasise that we are a diverse team and we come to this kind of event with very different preconceptions. None of us are devoid of cynicism or immune to feeling overwhelmed by some of the enormous challenges we are facing in society. That said, the Meaning Conference always provides reinforces our sense that business has a critical role to play creating our collective futures.

The Conference’s core themes are:

Progressive economics
What happens when capitalism is no longer working?

The future of work
How do we create meaning in a world where conventional work may no longer exist? And which organisational structures will best serve us?

Planet positive business
What kind of systemic change is needed to support people and planet?

Modern leadership
What kind of leaders do we need – and what is leadership today anyway?

Disruptive innovation
Who are the people making meaningful change happen? And what can we learn from them?

Personal growth
How do we need to develop as individuals to thrive in these volatile times? And what are the tools we need in order to have a meaningful impact with our work?

For anyone interested in attending you can find more information at:

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