The Only Bridge I Need

Easy listening, acoustic American folk music. It does what it says on the tin. And it works. This four track EP is such 'easy listening', there are points where you hardly notice the song has finished.

There are obvious comparisons with other contemporary acoustic solo artists like Willy Mason and Newton Faulkner. But unlike Mason, Campany's lyrics are, in his own words "simple thoughts from a simple man" and can lack any real insight. And unlike Newton Faulkner, his guitar riffs never really waiver beyond the simple and the steady.

Nate Campany composed this EP with a selection of other artists; a group he calls "the serenade" and the EP features a myriad of instruments including, glockenspiels, organs, banjos and even a wurlitzer. However, his voice blends harmoniously with all these accompaniments.

At times in some of the choruses, it feels like Campany should be reaching for a more ambitious note, or a more dramatic harmony, but in the end settling for simplicity doesn't dilute the successful sound this EP creates - steady, uncomplicated easy listening folk music that's pleasing to the ear, like the sound of the relaxed flow of a river. Just don't expect to explore any uncharted waters. 

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